King defeats Hillsborough in Regional Semifinals

During the game, Michael Berrien wipes his face on the inside of his shirt.

In a devastating loss, the Hillsborough Terriers fell to the King Lions, 4-2, in the Regional Semifinals.

From the start of the game the Terriers had fallen behind and the moral of the dugout reflected the events on the field. The typically rowdy space was very quiet as the team felt states become further from reach. That was until a two-run hit from Ryan Romano allowing Bryce Blanco and Quintin Graham to run home closed the gap to give the Terriers a fighting chance.

As to what went wrong, the crowd expressed discontent with several ‘questionable’ calls made by umpires while the players and the coaching staff recognized the issues within the team along with calls made. “There’s four parts to baseball: pitching, hitting, defense and base running, and today none of it went our way. You know what I mean, some days you get the bounces, today we didn’t,” said White. “Every bounce seemed to go against us, every call seemed to go against us and as a testament to our team, we were still in it going into the seventh inning. These guys fight to the end, they’ve done it for four years and we just came up short tonight.”

Similar to White, senior first baseman Tim Elko said, “Base running wasn’t right, we didn’t have some key hits, key moments some defensive errors and just overall we didn’t play our best and we were the better team and just today we didn’t play our best and they played their best.”

Although the season did not end as they hoped, the players do want to be remembered as a team who gave it all, as friends. Senior third baseman Nick Romano said, “We are a really good team with really good chemistry. We were all friends and that’s how you play the game, just be friends.”

Even with great effort by all the players, the Terriers did not take home a win. This would be the first ‘L’ on the roster in sixteen games, which Coach Spencer Nunez credits to dedication and is all he could ask for. “If I’m one of those guys, I’m leaving the field knowing that I gave it all I got, one hundred percent they left it on the field for seven innings and that’s all we ask for them the whole year.” Said Nunez. “They won sixteen games in a row, there’s not many teams that can do that and we’re just proud of them and the seniors should leave with their heads up and they’ve got a bright future ahead of them whether it’s in baseball or anything they’re doing.”