Hillsborough Terriers baseball advances to Regional Semifinals.

Before they take on King in a week, the Terriers celebrate tonight’s win with a group huddle.

A no hit game is impressive for any pitcher. It’s especially so when the pitcher is feeling a little under the weather. On Friday night’s quarterfinal game, senior Patrick Puentes managed a no hit game against Lake Region High School for a final score of 8-1 all while he was sick.
Although most would think his nausea was caused by nerves because of the high stakes game, Puentes believed it was something that he ate that made him feel ill. He threw up during the second, third, and sixth innings. As evidenced by his performance, Puentes did not allow his upset stomach to affect his pitching. “I just tried to keep my mind off of it by pitching and getting loud for my team as they hit,” Puentes said.
The game started with a 1-0 lead by Lake Region. However, a two RBI hit by Antonio Jenkins allowed for Tim Elko to tie the game and Nick Romano to score the go-ahead run to take the lead. Hillsborough did not allow any runs after the first inning. “Every batter was just putting the ball in play and getting productive runs,” Romano said.
Tonight’s game saw a total of 15 hits, with Terence Doston leading the way with three hits out of four at-bats. “Coming into the game, we knew we had to play our type of baseball and not stoop down to anyone’s level,” Doston said. “It feels good to win and feels good to face King one more time.”
Due to Tuesday’s win, the team will advance to the Regional Semifinals to face King High School on May 16 at 7 p.m. Terriers will have a home field advantage and tickets will cost $7.