Hillsborough’s softball team beats Brandon, 15-8

It’s almost silent on the field. So silent you can almost hear the steady breathing of the pitcher before she releases the ball. In one swift movement, the ball connects with the bat sending a thundering noise through the stands. And then she takes off, tossing the bat to a side while making a dash for first base.

In front of her, two of her teammates stride into home base, putting the pressure on Brandon’s Eagles to make a good play.

In the dugout the Lady Terriers break out into song, chanting “Oh Nana, look what you started!”.

It was the play of the night.

Hillsborough’s softball team took a stunning victory against Brandon on April 4. In a total of seven innings, a full game, the Terriers won 15-8.

This game, in particular, was full of MVPs, including Senior Nana Henry who hit three singles and one triple, along with two steals and runs. “She deserved to be on that field,” Coach Sapp said, congratulating the player with the game ball.

Not only was Henry a star player of the game, but Sophomore Delaney Holloway proved her right to be on the field by bringing four players home with her hard swings.

Throughout the entire game, the players never stopped cheering their teammates on. Whether they were making remixes to popular songs, or simply giving each other compliments, the team really had a family atmosphere.