Boys baseball defeats Robinson, 10-0

McKenzie McIntyre
Ready to take the plate, Jarrod Cande watches the game before his turn.

With the first mercy rule of the season, the Hillsborough Terriers defeated the Robinson Knights 10-0 after only playing until the middle of the fifth ending.

After a stagnant three innings, with the help of a RBI from Tim Elko, outfielder Quintin Graham got a run in, giving the Terriers the lead at the bottom of the inning. Shortly followed by a Robinson error, Ryan Romano runs home to end the inning 2-0.

In an eventful fourth inning, RBIs from Tim Elko, Nick Romano and Terrance Duston made the score 9-0 heading into what would be the night’s final inning. The final run made by Antonio Jenkins enacted the mercy rule. The states if a home team is up by 20 in the third inning or by 10 in fifth the game will end after the top of the inning.

In a standout game, every position stepped up, but the common highlight was the way the team preformed at bat. “Our bats definitely woke up this game,” said Jarrod Ccandle, “just something I hope we keep the rest of the season.”

Even though this was a non-district game, the team still performed as it does for any game in preparation for the future in hopes of moving towards districts. “We’re definitely going to do very solid this season,” Patrick Puentez said.” feel that we could make it all the way to states.”

The Terriers next play the Brandon Eagles at home Tuesday, April 4 at 7 p.m.