Crew team has its first annual erg-a-thon

In summer 2016, the HHS crew team found a new home and began to adjust to not having docks. The team, along with the crews of Academy of Holy Names and Berkeley Prep, have been working to raise the funds for their own docks. To supply enough docks for all three teams, at total of $20,000 needs to be raised.

Today, the team set up their ergs outside the Total Wine and Spirits on Dale Mabry and competed against one another. Interested passersby would stop by to buy from the bake sale or pay cents per meter on the erg and get to row it themselves.

The top three male rowers’ distances are as follows: 1. Nick Jeske (10) with 8,218 meters 2. Savion Fordham (10) with 7,855 meters 3. Andrew Schweitzer (11) with 7,197 meters. The girls also held their own on the ergs: 1. Andy Majchrzak (9) with 6,843 meters 2. Isa Roman (9) with 6,039 meters 3. Cassidy Bull (12) with 5,443 meters.

At the end of the day, it was big smiles and high hopes from the team as they worked to raise money for their new docks.