Behind the scenes of a girls softball game

With a record of 3-5, the softball team is not often known as one of the most dominate teams in the school. However, spending a game with the team makes it easy to see that it definitely has spirit and spunk. According to members, the team’s bond stems from its pre-game routines. Here’s the rundown:


Sophomore Jade Mention cheers on her team from the dugout. “[Cheering] keeps us motivated in the game,” said Mention.


One of the team moms brings dinner to the field house, and after setting up, everyone digs in. Today, wings are on the menu, yet the real excitement seems to come from the waves of screams that circle around the room every time one of the wasps flies in. With a broken air conditioner, the only source of relief from the heat is to leave the door open, but that presents some trouble with a wasp nest just outside. “I don’t even wanna eat my food because I think the wasps are gonna attack me,” said sophomore Marrica Davis.


After threats from Coach Stan Moody of laps for who’s the last to be ready, all the girls switch into their uniforms. With only two bathrooms and 20 girls, the changing process takes a solid 30 minutes.


Warm up time! The team is split in two: one half partners up and begins throwing, while the other half takes to the batting cages with assistant coach Jimmy Sapp. “Throwing before a game is important because if you don’t you may pull a muscle,” said junior Emari Shazer.


If the game wasn’t being hosted at Hillsborough, this would be travel time. However, for a home game, the team helps get water for both dugouts and then stretches while the base lines are chalked on the field.


By this time, the other team has arrived and is given its turn to use the field to warm up. This is when the dugout comes to life with chatter; “Joking around and having fun in the dugout is one of the best parts in playing softball because there’s always high energy,” said sophomore Jade Mention.


The rosters for both teams are announced, the anthem is played and the game is underway.
This particular game, Hillsborough lost 17-0 to Chamberlain. Junior Ciara Cannon said, “loosing doesn’t matter when you have as much fun as we do.”