Girls tennis fights through the season


The girls tennis team with their Coach Neal Mobley.

The Lady Terriers tennis team is halfway through the season and has a 2-2 record.

Although two games- Brandon and Durant- have been postponed due to weather conditions, they are planned to be rescheduled; the rest of the season is planned to continue like normal.

“The new players who joined the team this year are adjusting well and those who haven’t played before are developing their skills rapidly and have performed well in their first matches against opposing schools,” said senior Mckenzie Gracyalny. Senior Doan-vy Vu said that the “addition of new experienced members are helping to build a stronger team.”  The team commenced the season by beating Gaither 6-1 and Alonso 7-1.

The girls team is also not dependent on a single grade to pull the weight, unlike the baseball team whose starting eight out of nine is all seniors. “We are a very diverse team ranging from freshmen to seniors, we started off our season with a win, and I feel like we are going to continue to do well throughout the season,” said sophomore Nicola Moreland.

The team, although gaining a new hitting wall on their home courts across from the senior parking lot, do not actually play at their “home” courts. The home court for the Hillsborough’s team are actually near Blake at a more kept up facility.

“What we have accomplished so far is hopefully an indicator of what is yet to come this spring,” said Gracyalny.

Follow the tennis team for more information on its upcoming matches!