Basketball takes district title for second consecutive year

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For the second consecutive year, the Hillsborough Terriers basketball team takes the district title. The team maintained a strong lead throughout the game with a final score of 46-40. Hillsborough started off strong leading Chamberlain 14-4 by the end of the first quarter.

The team is no stranger to post season competition. Just a year ago, the Terriers faced Armwood in the district championship that began its path to regional finals where they fell to Deltona. Although last season isn’t far in the past, the team is looking forward towards what this playoff season might hold.

To get to the playoffs this season, the Terriers worked harder than they have before which was made evident in the record it held in the regular season. The team drastically improved a 13-12 record they held to a 22-3 record.

For some of the players, like Jerome Mack (12), winning a second district title “actually feels better than it did last year.” For others, like Ken Montgomery (11) he has known the title and strives for more. “It’s exciting, but we still got work to do” said Montgomery, “so it’s not as exciting [as last year] but it is always fun winning.”

The Terriers solidified a home playoff game next week Feb. 16th against Land O’ Lakes High School.

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