Hillsborough students run at King 5k

The varsity girls gather around Coach Buss and exchange high fives.

The runners grew silent waiting for the start gun to go off. “I have Cornell notes to do!” is all you heard from junior Sydney Cabana before the runners set off for their 5k at King High school for the Central Hillsborough Invitational.

Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m., the sun was not up yet, but the Hillsborough cross country team was. The team started warm-ups by 6:50 a.m. and assembled their chips and numbers by 7 a.m. The numbers help identify the runners, while the chips are small plastic squares that can be laced onto the runners’ shoes. “When we finish the race… they electronically send a signal to the retriever, and they record our times,” says senior Cordell Isom. Then, the times and the runners’ names are put on the website for everyone to see his/her place.

While putting on his number, senior Arthur Vasquez helped his teammate, Jacob Nicolasora pin his long, black basketball shorts before his race. “It is uncomfortable to run with pants that are too long, and it hinders your ability to perform,” said Nicolasora.

The first to race was the varsity girls. Then, the varsity boys followed with their own race, which consisted of nine Hillsborough runners. Before the team’s race, senior Denzel Pierre gave the varsity boys a pep talk. “You are a horse, but you are also a dragon, but you are also a lion, but you are also a tiger! At the same time,” he said.  Finishing the morning meet, JV boys and girls ran together in one larger race.

The varsity boys ended up getting fourth out of the six teams, while varsity girls and JV failed to place due to them not having a complete team.