Hillsborough JV football team has first win over Chamberlain

“We got this!” number 22 yells before the game in order to pump up not only his team, but the crowd. He exudes the same enthusiasm at the end of the night with a 14-6 win over Chamberlain.

The Chiefs started the night with a punt; Terriers returned it for a few yards leading to an eventual Chamberlain touchdown, putting Hillsborough down by six. Opting out of the field goal, the Chiefs attempted to go for a two point conversion but were blocked by Terriers’ defense.

In a tough first half the Terriers fell to the Chiefs, heading into the second half still down by six.

Not discouraged by the scoreboard, the Terriers headed back onto the field. Towards the end of the third quarter, number 11 intercepts a pass and drills down the field for Hillsborough’s first touchdown of the night. Similar to Chamberlain earlier in the game, Hillsborough attempts a two point conversion only to be shut down by the Chiefs’ defense.

Nearly two minutes later number 53 makes a comparable play, also intercepting the ball for a touchdown. This time Hillsborough’s attempt at a two point conversion is successful.

The second half proved to be the shining moment for HHS as they ended the night with a win and hope to continue this streak the rest of the season.