Crew team finds a new home

They’re knee deep in water as they pull their boats to dry land. They carry them a few meters up an incline to a fenced in area containing racks where several boats are placed. There is no roof to cover them, allowing the sun’s harmful rays to slowly damage the boats. This is what the crew team’s new home looks like.

The crew team has been forced to move to a new boathouse. “We needed to find a new location immediately because these type of things usually take a long time. It could be closed for at least 2-3 years,” crew coach Jesse Tate said.

Their new location, Rivercrest Park, is less than a mile away from Hillsborough. The boathouse, which is still in development, is shared by three schools: Hillsborough, The Academy of the Holy Names and Berkeley Prep. Most of the responsibilities fall on Hillsborough, as they are the ones in charge of keeping things clean and making sure everything is locked up.

Their new boathouse seems to be an improvement from their previous location. The rent is cheaper, it has cleaner water and it is less crowded.

However, they have no dock. The crew team is forced to get into water a little bit past their knees. Junior Rafa Carrion recalls the first time he had to wet dock. “I’m not too fond of it,” he said. “The first time I went in the water I cut my feet on some rocks. I’m just eager for a dock to be built.”

The crew team has made it their primary goal to build a dock and are currently raising money for its construction.

The cost will be shared between all three schools. In the meantime, they plan on using a portable dock that’s easy to dismantle and put away.

Overall, Tate has high hopes for their new location. According to Tate they are planning to make Rivercrest Park their permanent home. They hope the proximity to the school will help parents pick up their children, allow team members to get to practice on time after school and attract new recruits. “I have high hopes for this boathouse,” Tate said. “It will definitely be an improvement.”

The crew team will be holding a dedication ceremony to the new boathouse on Aug. 20 at Rivercrest Park with food trucks and barbecue. All proceeds will go towards the construction of the new dock.