Will she make the Dancerettes?


Incoming freshman Isabella Martinez demonstrates a high kick during Dancerettes tryouts. The tryouts were held over three days in the gymnasium (Photo by Theontae Walton).

The girls stood outside the gymnasium, waiting for the results to be posted showing who would be joining the Dancerettes for the 2016-17 school year.

The three-day audition for Dancerette tryouts was held in the school’s gymnasium, where the girls were tasked with completing simple exercises, doing splits and learning a new dance routine that they would all perform in front of sponsor Linda Wilson and coach Danielle Reid.

“I was nervous when I first walked in and I saw them sitting at the table. They looked so intimidating,” incoming freshman Isabella Martinez said. “But over the three days I got to meet some girls and make some friends.”

Martinez’s brother is a member of the Big Red Marching Band. She attended a game last year, where she discovered the Dancerettes.

“I’ve done so many auditions that I’m used to the audition process, but none have been over three days. I like that their tryouts last three days,” Martinez said.

Junior Odessa Churchill gave the girls a little advice before they were each called into the gym.

“Remember to add a little personality to your routine, and add some flavor,” she said. “That’s what they’re really looking for.”

“The hardest part about the routine was remembering the kick lines,” Martinez said during a water break. “The dancing was easier than the kick lines.”

Looking around the outskirts of the ROTC hall, none of the girls seemed to be nervous. All were chatting away, until the results appeared. Silence washed over the crowd.

Each girl scanned the paper, rapidly searching for her name. After the scores were posted, girls who made the team received sashes and introduced themselves to everyone.

Five new dancers were welcomed to the 2016-17 Dancerette team. One of them was Martinez.