New coach nudges softball team to wins


The Lady Terriers softball team is on its second new softball coach this season.
”It was kind of surprising because he never talked to us about it. Then one day after school, we had a meeting and were introduced to our new coach,” freshman Delaney Holloway said.
The new coach is Stan Moody, who brings three decades of experience.
“Mr. Boddie called and said ‘Hey I need you to come and give me a hand,” Moody said.
Now, Moody has the position, and is enjoying it.“I’ve been here for three weeks now and I love it,” Moody said. “The girls are great [with a] great attitude. They work hard and I’m glad to be here.”
A regular practice with Moody starts off with the girls running around the field five to 10 times every practice. According to junior Raquel Morales, Moody has the girls do this not just to improve their softball skills, but also to better their overall health.
Towards the end of practice, they play a scrimmage game, which Morales said was to “correct little mistakes here and there and all learn together.”
The team currently has four wins and 10 losses this season, a result that Moody attributes as “getting a little nudge in the right direction.”