New goalkeeper earns time early


The girls soccer team has found a keeper, and her name is Brianna Joseph.

The freshman has been sharing time in goal with senior Kayla Childs, who was the No. 1 goalie on the roster last season. This season, Joseph has played for 296 minutes, while Childs has only played for 160 minutes.

“It’s really exciting. I didn’t think that I was going to get this much playing time as a freshman, especially since [Childs] is a senior,” Joseph said. “I feel like we’re both on the same level. I mean we’re both pretty good.”

Many players on the team, including Childs, have noted Joseph’s skill as a goalie. Joseph hovers around the MaxPreps national average for the goals allowed per game, at 1.9 goals per game. However, she has significantly more saves than the national average — 37 compared to 15.

Childs said she doesn’t mind sharing time.

“I’ve done it before,” she said. “Brianna is talented and I give her credit for that. She deserves her playing time.”

Childs attributes Joseph’s greater playing time to her skill that she had prior to joining the team. Joseph is a member of one of Tampa Bay United’s competitive teams, as well as being trained at D1, a sports training center.

According to team members, it doesn’t matter much who is goalie in terms of the strategy used during the game. “[The person in net] really doesn’t make a difference on the way we play,” said team captain and midfielder Cassandra Cooper.

Cooper said the only area that might be affected as a result of a change in goalies is how the team handles goal kicks – putting a ball back in play after it goes out of bounds over the goal line.
Despite how fast she got playing time, Joseph said that she hasn’t experienced any animosity from the team members; they have been very supportive.

“I got my skills levels from playing club, so [the support I’ve received] is kind of understandable,” Joseph said. “I love it a lot. [The team] loves me. They’re really nice. I love the team.”