New golfers up to par


After facing challenges in the beginning of the season, the boys and girls golf team have managed to achieve victories. The girls are now 1-1 and the boys are 1-2.
This year, the boys golf team has six players, a number that’s larger than their usual amount.
Aaron Jensen, a new player to the team, took a couple years off, and used to play when he was younger, but stopped playing when he was 10 years old. “I picked it back up again in sophomore year,” he said.
Most of the players are fairly new to golf, putting them at a disadvantage to other teams. “Those other teams go out every day and get better and we just show up and play,” said sophomore James Roberts.
However, sophomore Drew Fonda spoke highly of his team, saying they had a good chance of improving.
“All of the other players have solid potential, as well as a plethora of knowledge for the game,” he said.
Jensen recommends practice for newer players.
“Players who want to play next year [need to] practice,” he said. “Golf is a very tough sport and if you want to be successful, you need to learn from your mistakes.”