Bad weather causes problems for golf team

Bad weather can be a problem for any sport. For the golf teams, however, bad weather led to the cancellation of half their games last year.

There are other factors that bad weather exacerbates. It is extremely difficult to find another date where the teams can play each other again. The regular season has to end before districts and regionals, so it can be a challenge to make up games within that time frame.

The golfers would also miss school days, without any guarantee that the match would be cancelled for inclement weather.

Even for experienced golfers, the cancellations impact their development as players. They golf independently, but it is not the same as playing an entire match with other competitors. The cancellations “limit my experience in matches,” sophomore Lauren Serra said.

Last season the lightning in the area made playing very dangerous, so several matches had to be cancelled.“Last year was an anomaly. Some years we’ve played all 13 matches, but last year was tough,” said girls coach Kenneth White.

The players have to work around the weather constantly. Another issue is the need for enough players. The schedule is made a year in advance, so schools do not already have teams set. If they cannot acquire enough players, the match is cancelled.

The girls’ golf team currently only has three returning female golfers, which is not enough to compete as a team for districts.

“Finding girl golfers is hard at this age. The team needs bodies,” White said. They need at least one more player, or they will have to play as individuals to make districts.

Regionals are determined by the individual’s performance in districts, so the regular season matches do not have a large impact on how far into the post season a player can go.
Last year, four of the girls made it to regionals and this year hope “to move onto regionals once again,” junior McKenzie Gracyalny said.

However, no matter their hopes, the team has several undetermined factors that will impact whether or not they will achieve that goal. Between the weather, potential opponents and their player acquisition, they do not know what the season will bring.