Rough season ends in defeat


Senior Amanda Bachmann waits for a pitch against Leto in the first round of Districts. (Photo by Tonje Skraastad)

Tonje Skraastad, Staff Writer

The pitcher throws the ball, landing it soundly in the glove of the catcher. Strike 1.
The batter steps out of the batter’s box to take a moment to focus. Stepping back in, the pitcher throws the ball again. Strike 2. Another moment of silent pep-talk is followed up by another pitch.
The bat is swung, but narrowly misses the ball.
Strike 3 and the Lady Terriers are out. Their season ended like most of their games this year: with a loss.
For the softball team, losing has been a recurring event, as the team finished with a record of 3-10.
Still, they were hopeful heading into their game against Leto in the first round of Districts.
“[The season has been] a little rough, but always fun,” said catcher Maddie Dhondt. The scoreboard read 11-0 in Leto’s favor after the fifth inning, ending the game, and ultimately their season, two innings early.
Not only has the softball team had a rough season on the field: They also lost two players, including one who left in a disagreement with the coach.
“I miss them a lot and I feel like we could have done better with Arionna Shank and Abigail Bicknell on the team, but what are you gonna do?” Dhondt said. “You work with what you got.”
Although this season has not been a successful one on the scoreboards, the players have high hopes for next year.
“We played our best. We did what we could. We had a lot of new girls– about half of our team were people who hadn’t played before. I think we did OK [considering] the circumstances. I wish we could have done better,” Rostick said.
“I hope next year we will do better, but it is what it is,” she continued. “This year compared to last year was not as good, but next year, as compared to this year, hopefully will be better.”