Blood, sweat and blank banners

Tegan Smith, Staff Writer

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Erupting after the winning goal. Impenetrable silence after a tough loss. The laughs, memories and hours of hard work formed by teammates. All of these contribute to the heart and soul of any sports team.

Throughout every game and every practice, players grow closer as they learn how to work with each other, improve their skills and become the best they can be. A team’s motivation leads them to more opportunities to prove their prowess. The winners of championships and playoffs should be recognized for the obstacles they had to overcome, whether they are in districts, regionals or states.

The gym has empty banners for almost every sport; blank canvases that suggest Hillsborough has no athletic accomplishments.

The boys’ and girls’ basketball teams don’t even have banners in the gym, and those two teams use the area more than any other sport.

Last year, the boys’ soccer team won the District Championship and were not recognized on their respective gym banner. This year, the varsity volleyball team went further than they have ever gone in the playoffs and there is nothing to memorialize their success.

There is no point in having the banners if they are not going to be utilized.

Hillsborough has the benefit of having different associations that consistently work to improve the school. The Ambassadors, Alumni Association and Athletic Booster Club are all involved in school affairs. With their involvement, we could raise money to work towards labeling the banners. The money for the labels and their placement could also be raised by the team individually. Some teams sell shirts or coupon books to help fund their program, so they can raise money to put the years of their accomplishments up as well.

Alumni could also be involved, because the people who won those championships may be interested in the advertisement of their success. Giving credit for the championships shows school pride in the things we have accomplished.

Having empty, pride-less banners serves no purpose. The efforts of a team should not be forgotten. Having a team’s achievements displayed for all to see also leaves a legacy to motivate future athletes.

Teams play to win, and the year of their success should be memorialized as a symbol for all they overcame and achieved.

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