New coach leads young squad

Tegan Smith

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A new season brought new captains, new players and a new coach for this year’s cheer team. The team is composed of entirely different varsity cheerleaders than last year, with no returning players.
Captain Cheyene Bruner said having a brand new squad allows everyone to help one another get better. It is an opportunity to challenge the girls to be the best they can be. The team is working together to teach each other the routines and basic skills.
The team will have to “work with what [they] have” to grow together and as individuals, said Amara Anderson. Learning to work together to perform concise, fluid routines will improve competition scores as well.
“There’s room for improvement [for everyone on the squad],” co-captain London Nash said.
According to Anderson, the new team lacks some vital skills to place in competition. In order to place in competitions, tumbling and stunting skills will need to be improved.
To set them apart from other schools, the team will have to sharpen their motions and become more synchronized. The more concise and fluid the team is, the higher their chances are to place in competition.
The team’s goal is to place third in its competitions.
Performing harder, more elaborate stunts and tumbling skills also helps pump up crowds at the football games.
The challenge of starting from scratch has motivated the players.
Head coach Kristen Perks said the team will have to “work hard to develop a routine” which will show case the best of the teams abilities. While they are a new, young team, they have the dedication to get better.

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