Communication key for softball team


Aleesha Mundra

With the goal of improving communication within the team, junior softball players Jamie Bevins (left) and Amanda Bachmann tried to build stuctures using only dry spaghetti and chewed-up gumballs without speaking to each other. (Photo by Aleesha Mundra)

Aleesha Mundra, Photo Editor

For most athletes, team building happens on the field, through bonding over exhausting drills and the sweet taste of victory.
The softball team takes a different approach. On one day, you could find the girls playing around with gumballs and spaghetti.
Strange structures are taking shape, with groups taking half-chewed, sticky, primary-colored wads of gum out of their mouths and using them to bind spaghetti strands together. The only catch?
No one can talk. The team has done other activities before, but this one in particular was more effective because it was structured to display how crucial communication is on and off the field.
Junior Abigail Bicknell said teambuilding is “supposed to help us understand what it means to trust each other and to work together to accomplish things.”
Freshman Tegan Smith said that this activity will help her to be more communicative with her teammates, a skill that she says will make her a better player overall. Coach Kristina Ravenel said that by utilizing team bonding activities the team will be more communicative. Ravenel hopes that these exercises will improve the team’s record and their confidence. Junior Jamie Bevins said “that these activities will help improve the team as a whole.”