Softball has high hopes for upcoming season

Ivy Bennett-Ford, News Editor

Pitch. Catch. Dash. A seemingly endless rush towards something intangible until, flighty, like a ball loosed from the cage of a glove, a most palpable win. And it’s only a practice. The softball team has pitched itself a little rocky in the past, but so far this season, they’ve emerged victorious.
Some of the players would bat their success away with modesty and mutters of “they weren’t that great a team anyway.”
On a windy afternoon in the middle of the dusty parking lot next to the softball field at Memorial Middle School, three senior teammates scuffed around with nothing in particular to do. They were killing time before practice started; the sky was an unreal hue of blue. The three discussed their hopes for the upcoming season.
“If we stay focused we’ll be fine…,” said senior Mariah Vazquez. Her friends seemed to let her do the majority of the talking, then a burble of words, tumbling over one another. The three have played softball with Hillsborough for at least three years; they know each other, so their words seem to knit themselves into one dialogue about the team.
“And if we play good defense and get good hits,” added senior Sheila Safe. “We’ll be fine.”
With the decisiveness of one who knows what she’s talking about, Safe said that “[the team] works well together.”
“We’re going to have a challenge with Chamberlain,” said senior captain Ashley Sacco. But overall, hopes are high for this team that, according to coach Kristina Ravenel, has “learned to bond.”
“It’s been fantastic,” said sophomore catcher Lumiere Rostick. “Last year, we didn’t do so well until halfway into the season.”
According to junior Amanda Bachmann, this season feels better than last year. She feels that the district is tough, but it could make for a jolly challenge.
This season is Sacco’s last as a Terrier. She said that since she joined the team as sophomore, she has put “110 percent into every practice, every game. I’ve put my heart on that field.”