Wrestling team defeats 6 schools at home tournament

Zoe Ridge


Hannah Baade

At the one home tournament of the year, senior Jeremy Gardner grapples with a Bloomingdale wrestler. Hillsborough won the tournament, defeating all six teams.

Samantha Votzke, Sports Editor

treaks of sweat mark the mat as two wrestlers struggle to pin each other on their backs and win the match. They move quickly, each trying to anticipate the move of the other in an effort to counter-move, grabbing ankles and wrists in a variety of contortions.
“Wrestling is all about improvising,” said junior Luis Clough. “It’s all about how much you know and how well you can use it.” Moves and techniques are shouted from the sidelines by the coaches of the wrestlers, complete with physical demonstration. “You have to just nod, and show Coach you understand,” said junior Sergio Ledo.
Each wrestler begins the match with a game plan, according to the team, wand the rest is attempting to make that game plan work. “You have to use fundamental techniques,” Clough said. “If your technique gets taken away, you’re going to get beaten.”
This year so far, the wrestling team has only been defeated by Durant and rival Riverview, and aims to go undefeated for the rest of the season, making it to states. Last year the team went unranked at the end of the season, although one wrestler nearly made No. 1 in the state, only failing to make weight at Regionals.
On Saturday, Nov. 7, Hillsborough hosted a tournament against Blake, Jefferson, King, Bloomingdale and Tampa Bay Tech.
The day of the tournament, sophomore Marcus Heyder was confident of the team’s abilities. “These other teams are weaksauce,” Heyder said.
Hillsborough won the tournament, scoring at least 59 overall points above each opponent.