Dancerettes work to stay superior


Dana Dinh

Co-captain Jessica Powell observes and makes corrections as the Dancerettes practice kick lines during band practice.

Dana Dinh

The Dancerettes have managed to place first in their division at Lion’s Pride and receive superiors at MPA just like they have in previous years, despite some challenges before the competitions.

Weeks of pouring rain impeded on their practices. According to junior Rachel Chang, if there was no lightning the Dancerettes had to practice in the rain because they had “nowhere else to go.” To make up for canceled practices, they held two extra  practices.

“We had so much rain… [and] we were behind in choreography. That’s why we needed a big Saturday practice to catch up,” Dancerette sponsor Linda Wilson said.

Another challenge the Dancerettes faced this year was having a larger team and many new dancers.

“Last year we had a small team, but this year we have almost 20 and eight of them are new,” said senior Erin Davenport. “It’s been a bit of a challenge getting [the new girls] in tune and making sure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be at all times.”

“We really struggled with timing in the second song [Hey Jude]  because it was so slow and we had to use props,” sophomore Cici Ogden said. “But we really came together as a team, worked crazy hard to fix it and it really payed off.”

Wilson said that the Dancerettes were able to maintain superiors because “they’ve been working hard since tryouts.”

Now that marching season is coming to an end, the Dancerettes will start preparing for their regular competition season.