Tiny Terrier Dancerettes perform in pre-game show

Madeline Quam, Yearbook Staff

Girls six years old to eighth grade joined the Dancerettes on the field for the pre-game show as part of the Tiny Terriers. Although this was the first year, they had a large turnout of about 60 girls.

The previous Saturday, the Dancerettes held a practice to teach the girls a dance to “Who Let the Dogs Out?” as well as play games and work on dance moves. Before the Lennard game, the girls came onto the field with painted paw prints on their faces ready to perform their dance and also cheer on the football players as they ran in.

The Dancerettes considered the Tiny Terriers to be a huge success and look forward to doing it next year.

“It was so much fun. We got to teach the little girls while having a blast,” freshman Elizabeth Linton said, “They were all so adorable and did a great job performing.”