Wrestling back into the Olympic Games

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Wrestling back into the Olympic Games

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Hillsborough wrestlers are glad to see their sport will remain in the Olympic Games.

After briefly dropping the sport effective with the 2020 games, the International Olympic Committee this month decided to reinstate the sport that dates back to the ancient Olymic Games.

Wrestling won its spot back over squash and baseball/softball, according to TeamUSA.org.

Hillsborough wrestling coach Mike Patrick called this reappearance “huge for the sport of wrestling” because wrestlers again have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and compete on the Olympic stage.

However, some changes were still made to the sport. Before wrestling went up for reinstatement, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, or FILA, had to make many changes to it.

The Federation added more weight classes and altered some of the rules of wrestling to make it more interesting to watch. All of these changes will pay off now that the sport was added back.

Sophomore wrestler Connor Knauer said people did not respect wrestling as a sport when it was eliminated and is now ecstatic about the IOC’s verdict.

Patrick also mentioned a “trickle-down” effect that could have taken place if the sport were not readmitted to the Olympic program. He speculated that one day college wrestling would have been dropped and high school would follow suit.

Now, wrestlers have nothing to worry about as their sport once again has a home in the Olympic Games.

Some non-wrestlers support the change, and see other sports the IOC could cut. Senior Duane Driskell supports the reinstatement. He said the IOC should eliminate other sports from the roster instead, such as badminton and horseback riding.

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