Boys soccer season starts with a new dynamic

The boys’ soccer team has switched districts this season. This change may bring opportunities to the boys’ team, whose record last year was 4-8-3.
On the team this year there have been many changes to help the them improve. Junior Mackenzie Rocha said, “[We’re] actually practicing; last year all we did was scrimmage, now we do worthwhile drills and more fitness.”
There have been multiple changes to the dynamic of the boys soccer team. Rocha said, “Our junior class is very key, we have about six starters who need to step up, we only have two seniors [Fabio DeSousa and Luke Votzke] who have to become leaders pushing the team, and we picked up a couple of good freshmen, key to building for the future.”
Coach Steven Colburne and his son, assistant coach Andrew Colburne, return again to train the boys’ soccer team.
The team’s first game will be against Plant on Nov. 8 at 6 p.m.