Teachers incorporate the election into their curriculum

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John Jackson

John Jackson uses the election in discussions for his AP Government, AP U.S. History and U.S. History Honors classes. But he uses it solely for educational purposes. “I don’t get into the policies or personalities of the election,” Jackson said.“I’d rather talk about how it applies to things in class, and use it for specific purposes.”

Amanda Moonitz

Amanda Moonitz uses the election in her U.S. Government and Law Studies classes. Her government class talks about the “primaries, debates and Hillary and Trump’s stances.” Her Law Studies class discusses whether the actions of the candidates are legal. Those of her students who are curious as to who she’s voting for will find out “if the person [she] chose won… maybe.”

Tom Paloumpis

Tom Paloumpis had his IB Economics class did an analysis of the economic programs of four candidates. The students “did it to try and figure out exactly what the [candidates] are going to do” and the impact of all their programs. They would’ve been learning about this subject anyways, but Paloumpis said the election “made it juicy.”

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