It takes two to tango: Lily and Sophie

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It takes two to tango: Lily and Sophie

Tegan Smith

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Since kindergarten, Lily and Sophie Whitworth have taken the same classes, played the same sports and done the same activities. That all changed their sophomore year when Sophie stayed in the IB program and joined cross country, while Lily transitioned into the traditional program. After ten years of scholastic symmetry, the Whitworth twins changed paths.

Joining the traditional program has been a positive change for both Lily and Sophie. “I’m getting good grades and I am happier,” said Lily. She is less stressed out and isn’t pushed too hard to do something she doesn’t really want to do.

Being in the traditional program has also led to new friends for both Lily and Sophie. Lily’s friends are very welcoming and are now acquainted with Sophie. Having the same friend group helps Lily and Sophie stay close and makes it easier for them to plan for the weekend, while still having time to be together.

During school, they see each other in the hallway or visit one another in their classes. Sometimes Sophie goes to see Lily in welding before third block or Lily comes early to A-Lunch so she can sit at Sophie’s table. They see each other the most after school when they help each other finish homework and do chores around the house. This gives them a chance to make up time they could have spent together during the school day. They stay up late studying for tests, doing homework or just talking about their day.

Being in different programs has helped Lily and Sophie have an even closer relationship. They communicate more and make a bigger effort to cherish their time together. Always being around each other used to lead to stress-induced fights, but now when they’re together they can enjoy each other’s company and talk about their day.

Getting past a stressful and hectic first year of high school has also made them more mature and appreciative of their connection. “We are as close as two people could possibly be. We tell each other everything,” said Lily.

Having a sibling means you will consistently have someone there for you who will always be loyal and trustworthy.  Siblings are there to restore your hopes and provide support in times of need. But having a twin is so much more.

“We have an unexplainable connection that most people don’t understand,” said Sophie. Through good times and bad, they are always there for each other. It doesn’t matter how many fights, fits or feuds, they are each other’s biggest supporters and reliable confidants. Changing programs in no way loosened their connection.  “Sophie is my lifelong soul mate and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life,” said Lily.

Lily and Sophie have always been close. There was never a chance for them not to be. No matter what comes between them, they find a way to work through their issues. Lily and Sophie find strength in each other and are grateful for the connection they have.

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