Trump calls Trudeau “two-faced”


Graphic by Adrianna Rodriguez

U.S. President Donald J. Trump calls Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after being mocked by Trudeau and other diplomats about his NATO speech.

President Donald Trump is the first president to be elected without previous political or military background. He is a very experienced businessman; however, he is most famous for his choice of words in public and on social media.

On Dec. 3, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and many other representatives, including President Trump, held a NATO conference to discuss security in the North Atlantic. Trump seized the moment to talk about his 2016 presidential election success. After the press conference, a microphone picked up on a conversation about Trump between Trudeau and other representatives including French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They were making fun of Trump and the contribution of his extensively long and irrelevant discussion in the middle of a crucial press conference.

It was wrong for both of them to talk about each other, especially since their countries are supposedly peaceful nations. These leaders’ actions have degraded their own reputations, as well as those of of their respective nations. Trudeau’s behavior was malicious; however, our president’s reaction made matters worse. There could have been a more civilized way to handle the insult than a “two-faced” comment. These men who represent our nations are gossiping and constantly at each other’s throats like Regina and the Plastics from Mean Girls. I can only pray that our president isn’t hiding a ‘burn book’ somewhere in the White House.

Some students believe this event is representative of current politics in general. “I think that the whole political scene at the moment is immature, especially considering all of the name-calling that is going on,” freshman Maggie Michael said. “It’s always back-and-forth, and rather than being civil to one another, it seems that politicians are always looking to attack one another. I think that Trump needs to act more presidential, as he is supposed to be an example of our country, and he is not someone who I would want representing this nation.”

Others argue that both figures’ actions were justified. “I believe that Justin Trudeau making fun of the President’s response is justified, as he has not been a serious guy these past couple of years,” freshman Matthew Moreno said. “Trump’s response is also justified, but calling [Trudeau] out and saying that he is two-faced was not the right way to de-escalate the situation.”