Reflecting on the 2010’s


Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Let’s acknowledge the end of the decade. A start of the new and an end to the old. 2020 has arrived and our last 10 years of existence are in the past. I’d like to reflect on these 10 years, as they were just as interesting for you as they were for me. Although we’ve had to push through some of the rough times and toughen it up at points, the laughter and happiness we shared with our friends is what’s worth remembering.

Throughout these 10 years, we all experienced different journeys. However, I think we can all agree on some of the greatest moments that happened during this decade. Between some of the best childhood TV shows we all watched, like “iCarly” and “Victorious,” and other iconic moments, it’s been a good 10 years. If you really think about it, so much has happened from 2010 to now that we totally have forgotten about. If you take a step back into the past decade, it’s fun to reflect on the craziest things that went viral. I bet everyone forgot about the Harlem Shake, but that was one of the biggest sensations of 2013. Or how about “What Does the Fox Say?” It’s moments and things like these that we forget but laugh about when we remember them.

As for me specifically, I’ve never really thought about this past decade until now. Throughout this decade, I’ve made some of my greatest memories and friends, and it’s almost a little sad to see the year turn. Ten years can really have an impact on your life. Everything that’s happened has helped to shape you into the person you are today.


Now, however, it’s time to continue into the next decade. It’s time for a new start and the making of more memories. Let’s start the new year with a positive outlook and enjoy this new beginning. Happy New Year!