President Trump should be impeached


Courtesy of Creative Commons.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is happening. Following a two-month period of investigation and testimony, the House Judiciary Committee has approved two articles of impeachment, which will soon be voted on by the full House. Despite Trump’s tirade of tweets discrediting the “Do Nothing Democrats” on their basis of impeachment, the verdict is not his to decide.

President Trump has sacrificed the interests of our nation for his own personal gain. He has made it clear that his private welfare is more important than the welfare of the United States. Along with his corrupt administration, Trump has committed several impeachable offenses, including bribery.

Our president made an oath to defend our laws and constitution when he was sworn into office. In exchange, our nation trusted him with the powers that come along with the presidential title. Trump has taken advantage of these powers, as seen in his blatantly unconstitutional attempt to exchange services with a foreign power.

To dig up dirt on his democratic opponent Joe Biden, Donald Trump requested that Ukraine investigate his political rival’s affairs. Trump also withheld nearly $400 million in aid from Ukraine in order to pressure the country into conforming to his demands. Enough evidence has been presented to establish the corrupt nature of the President’s actions.

President Trump has betrayed the public trust in using the powers of the presidency for himself rather than the United States. Though the evidence is stacking against him, Trump continues to defend his actions as well-intentioned and legitimate. The White House has declined the Democrats’ requests for cooperation in the impeachment process, calling upon Democrats to end their inquiry.

Personally, I believe the President will be acquitted in the eventual Senate trial, on account of the backward state of our democracy. However, there is no debating the facts. Our president is guilty.