“Fair Pay To Play” should extend to the whole country

A law created in California is changing college sports forever. College fanatics are wondering how it will affect team management and the NCAA as a whole.

Last week California passed the “Fair Play to Play” act, allowing college athletes in the state to make money off of their identities and the profit from their own names could no longer be prevented by the colleges themselves. Although the purpose of the law might make sense to some, it is not a good idea to only pay college athletes in California or to even pay them in general.

One reason paying college athletes in one state is a bad idea is because it will lead to an abundance of great athletes in playing for one state with about six major conference teams. There is no reason for every fantastic player not to play in California if that is the only place where they can make in income off of their identities.

This takes away from the love of the game. “You shouldn’t play basketball just to get paid,” senior Howard Fleming said. “You should play because it is something that you want to dedicate your life to.” He plays because its something he loves to do and can see himself doing it in the future.

On the other hand, some athletes think that getting paid in college just makes sense.  Colleges profit because of their hard work and commitment. Without these athletes the NCAA would not be anything. “I think it’s good,” junior Angel Mendoza said. “We work so hard and put our bodies through so much it’s only right we get paid to do it.”

College athletes not getting paid makes some people question the NCAA’s intentions and if they even care about the student-athletes. “I think they didn’t appreciate the athletes as much as they do now,” sophomore Joseph Sipp said.