The new vestibule hurts seniors

Parking in the senior lot is a privilege one dreams of from the moment they enter Hillsborough High School.

But then came the vestibule.

As a response to rising security concerns generated by a growing number of intruders on school campuses in the United States, the school has taken precautionary measures in order to establish a safer learning environment. Going into the 2019-2020 school year, students will be limited to one entrance and exit during school hours as an attempt to combat unwanted visitors.

However, the location of the entrance poses a great inconvenience to students parked in the senior lot. The gate to which they are accustomed to, which is suitably placed in front of the bus ramps, will now be closed at the start of school, with security cameras in place to alert administration if it is opened from the inside. This severely affects seniors who face heavy traffic in the morning, as a 10-minute tardiness will now be stretched by the amount of time taken to walk around the entire school to the front. In the event of an early sign-out, seniors are now forced to circle around from the front exit to the rear of the school in order to reach their car, requiring an absurd of time and energy. These problems sacrifice valuable class time for the students.

Some may argue that the alterations will inspire students to limit their tardiness, which is agreeable to a certain extent. But while students should be taking action to arrive before the gates are locked, there is no preventing the occasional bad morning produced by an overabundance of traffic or an unsounding alarm. And while students should remain in class for the entirety of the school day, a random doctor’s appointment or a pressing family matter will now require a lengthy head start to accommodate for the hike to the senior lot.

As irrefutable as the safety benefits of the new entrance are, measures should be taken to subject seniors to more suitable conditions.