Dr. Fauci Needs to Resign

With the recent news of Dr. Fauci’s ethical misdoings, Americans are disgusted with his inhumane actions.

Over the past two months, House Republicans have been in contact with the National Institute of Health, claiming that they have received a letter confirming 2018-2019 studies that occurred in Wuhan, China which may correlate the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Specifically, during the last couple of weeks, videos have spread across the internet of euthanized puppies being eaten by insects. These “experiments” have been linked to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He has denied all accusations and connections to these experiments.  

 Dr. Fauci claims he has had no connection to these unethical experiments. Not only did he lie to Congress about their existence, but also how his agency themselves are said to have funded them. It’s difficult to believe Dr. Fauci when he heads the department that helped fund the experiments. 

 The experiment was centered around studying viruses and how they affected organisms. Scientists did this by using microbiology, allowing them to make changes to the virus’ molecular make-up and mutate it.  These mutations were exposed to mice, bats, and other animals which classified them as gain-of-function. In other words, the experiment required altercation to an organism to understand factors of current and future pandemics. 

Representative James Comer told news outlets that these letters “prove that all along this virus was started in the Wuhan Lab” which was eventually leaked and started the COVID-19 pandemic.  The NIH and Dr. Fauci responded by denying the allegations stating that the bats they altered to receive the virus were “too generally distinct.” to have caused the pandemic. 

 As more information was released to the public, Representative Nancy Mace chastised the NIAID for other experiments that came to light, calling them “barbaric and gruesome.” These experiments were focused on dogs, more specifically exposing them to insects, euthanizing them, or cutting their vocal cords. The NIAID did not deny the existence of these experiments, but rather justified them by saying “they followed federal guidelines” which only required them to put the dogs under anesthesia to cut their vocal cords. This was so they could cut down the noise of the dogs crying while they were eaten alive by the insects.  In another similar study, the NIAID stated that they “investigated a vaccine for a common parasite by letting dogs roam in an enclosed open space during sandfly season.” Many of those dogs were killed by the sand flies, which has caught the attention of many animal rights advocates, who argued that these experiments are cruel and inhumane.  

Senator Paul accused Dr. Fauci of lying about his involvement in gain-of-function experiments. He still denies these accusations, but the truth has yet to come out.  

Gain-of-function experiments are highly frowned upon due to the possibility of biohazard and safety risks. In the case of the Wuhan Bat experiments, the NIH stated in a letter that “the bat viruses under study weren’t known to infect people.”  

It’s hard not to relate with Representative Nancy Mace and Senator Paul’s outrage. Just because there is a hefty emphasis on science right now due to the pandemic, doesn’t mean we can forget the ethical bounds in which we must operate. How does one have the humanity in them to watch and study these events? It’s completely unprofessional and unacceptable.  

Dr. Fauci has been the director of NIAID since 1984 but has found national identity following the emergence of COVID-19. He has been a government scientist under seven different presidents. He has advocated for mask-wearing and social distancing during the current pandemic. Although these measures are necessary to keep the American people safe, Fauci has clashed with conservatives over the guidelines. But, when Senator Rand Paul called him out for the NIH’s connection to the Bat research in Wuhan, it fueled the fire of controversy within Republican and some Democratic representatives.  

Complications occur in this argument when in a later letter to Republicans, the NIH said that EcoHealth Alliance failed to report any growth observed in the disease. If EcoHealth Alliance properly reported their findings on the virus, in-depth conclusions could’ve been drawn to determine the risk of the virus and if it is transmissible to humans.   

When it comes to the EcoHealth alliance, the lying doesn’t stop. They have told multiple sources that the experiment was conducted once, and only on a few mice. However, Dr. Fauci allocated over $600,000 in government grants to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, a collaborator on the project, pre-approved by NIH. With $600,000, there were more than enough funds to experiment more than once, with much more than just a few mice. Either the EcoHealth alliance is lying about the nature of the experiment, or $600,000 U.S. taxpayer dollars was not used efficiently or properly.  

Surrounding all this new information is a cloud of uncertainty and unjust claims. Dr. Fauci and other experts believe that animals did not transmit the virus to humans due to the insufficient evidence supporting its escape from the Wuhan lab. Though, both Dr. Fauci and President Biden’s administration have not ruled out the idea that the virus could have escaped from the lab.  

If the evidence is revealed that incriminates and points the source of COVID-19 to the Wuhan lab, America is placed in a very alarming situation. The death of five million people and counting is on our hands, on the hands of the NIAID and Dr. Fauci. This is a terrifying reality. An uncountable number of families and loved ones affected and lost due to our government’s malpractice.  

Dr. Fauci is not the man we want to represent our country when it comes to science. Dr. Fauci may have once been an esteemed scientist who represented this country with praise, but now he is no different from the other 535 members of Congress, who sacrifice the wellbeing of Americans for personal interest. Today, Dr. Fauci is more of a political incompetent than a scientific one. The United States has had the most COVID-19 cases and deaths, with 47 million cases and over 783,000 dead. He has done nothing for this country and that’s evident in our COVID-19 numbers and the humiliation knowing that we have been prime facilitators to this global catastrophe.  

 He is no longer fit to lead our fight against COVID-19 when he could possibly be the cause of the tragedies that have occurred. In America, there is an emphasis on innocent till proven guilty. While this ideology can be argued to apply to Dr. Fauci, I believe he should step down for the time being. As someone whose family has been affected by COVID-19 and as someone who has lost faith in the good of science, I am truly disgusted that this is even an investigation to be had. As we learn more about the NIAID and Dr. Fauci’s past action, the inhumane thoughts that should never cross one’s mind. Can we be confident that we aren’t just another group of dogs to Fauci? No, we cannot. His time is up.