Club Rush Needs to Change


Josephine Smith

Students are crowded together as the passing period from A to B lunch begins.

On September 8th and 9th was Hillsborough’s annual club rush. The tables were set up on the red carpet and the students in their lunches crowded around the table to sign up for the clubs they wanted to participate in. Some clubs were more popular than others and attracted large groups of students quickly filling the sign-up sheets. It’s a fun event but it might have room for improvement. 

In the past, having a crowded hallway wouldn’t be a problem but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s unwise.  

Not only are these students being crowded into a small area, the red carpet is already a very busy walkway, without students being encouraged to “rush” there to sign up for clubs. Having this many students in a small area puts everybody there at risk for contracting COVID-19 and makes it difficult to trace anybody who could have been infected.  

It’s especially crowded during the time period when A and B lunches overlap. Because of the IB schedule being different from the traditional schedule, the lunches happen partially at the same time. When the B lunch students go to get their lunch, the IB students are still sitting down and eating. For club rush, this means that while the IB kids are still signing up or possibly finishing their lunch, B lunch kids are signing up for clubs or getting their lunch in the same area. This means that the red carpet is twice as crowded as it is during C lunch. People end up practically on top of each other and it’s impossible to practice social distancing for those who might want to. 

It seems like there could be a way to take this tradition and make it safer so that people can participate without putting themselves at risk. With the technology we have it seems like there should be a way to sign up for the clubs online. If club rush were to still be hosted in person, it should at least be considered to have kids sign up in a larger space so that they aren’t forced into a small space where people are trying to get to their classes. There are lots of other spaces to use like the gym or the H-patio.