Edsby is Better than Canvas

To start off the 2020-2021 school year, Hillsborough County students and teachers are transitioning to a new learning program, also known as Canvas. It will be used for submitting assignments, doing activities, working on class assignments, and more. 

Previously, the district used a different program called Edsby. With the sudden change, there is an ongoing debate about which platform is better for our students and teachers. I personally believe that Edsby is the better option 

It is a well-rounded program that students and teachers have grown to know very well 

Some people may say that Canvas is the better option because it can do things Edsby could not. While that is true, it is extremely difficult to find those features considering Canvas is a whole new experience. For years, we have been using Edsby. It was considered the “norm.” With Canvas, teachers had to go through classes and lectures to learn how to use the program, as well as having to try and start something completely different. 

Not only is it difficult for the teachers, but the students as well. Many students are having technical difficulties with trying to navigate the program as well as submit their assignments on time. 

Now while I believe Edsby is a better suited program for us, Canvas has its benefits. Instead of a full transition, we should be open to multiple educational platforms. It just does not seem fair to switch so suddenly. We could’ve continued to use Edsby this school year as well as given the teachers a year prep time to work around the bugs with Canvas. Then, Canvas could be used for the 2021-2022 school year and by then pretty much everyone would be used to it.  

Summarizing, Canvas is a new learning experience and therefore does not fit the teachers and students now. Who knows, it may be better in the future, but for now, Edsby is the way to go.