Crystal Cooper: My Quarantine Experience


Quarantine. It’s something almost all of us are suffering from. Time away from friends, the new adjustment to online school — it’s all sorts of madness. Everybody seems to have different opinions on how they feel about quarantine, and I am definitely one of those people.

I’d like to start off with how I believe there are both pros and cons to this situation. Let’s begin with the benefits. Quarantine has most definitely reduced my level of stress. Being able to do work at my own pace is honestly extremely helpful. My workload is very manageable, and I’m always able to finish with time left to spare. During the normal school year, I never had any time to relax. Life always felt rushed as if I didn’t have enough time in the day. It was the same schedule on
repeat: school, dance, sleep. Now, however, I have time to do what I wish between school and dance.

Quarantine is also full of many other advantages such as sleep. Being able to sleep for longer periods of time has truly been one of the best blessings of quarantine. Because I no longer get back from dance at very late times of the night, I have the option of sleeping earlier than I normally would during the regular school year. I don’t have to cram in loads of homework at night just to get a mere six hour sleep anymore. Plus, I can sleep in until whatever time I choose. Although I usually prefer waking up a little early to get all of my school work done, it is definitely later than a normal school day. Sleeping in not only helps me, but it helps everyone around me because I am then in a better and happier mood.

Now, as for the cons, I would definitely say there are a lot more of these. My number one struggle with quarantine is boredom. Yes, I know, I still have the opportunity of dancing at home, but it just
doesn’t feel the same. I’ve mostly been watching Netflix here and there, but that only goes so far. What I really need are my friends. Weekend fun is gone and now just filled with nothing to do. Plus, even if we could hang out with friends, there would still be nothing to do because everything is closed. And to add even more to that, there’s a possibility our summer could be taken away! That, my friends, would be the last straw. If summer gets taken away, it’ll feel as if we have back to back school with no long break for fun. We get four high school summers, so I think everyone would want to take advantage of each one.

Moreover, being in the same house with the same people has been a struggle as well. Everyone just seems to get more and more irritating as the seconds go by, and we will eventually no longer be able to stand each other. Who knows how long we can last?!

Lastly, although there are many other cons I could add, technology glitches and difficulty would definitely be in my top three. Edsby has many moments where it decides it just doesn’t want to load, which can be very frustrating when you’re trying to submit an assignment or see what you need to do for the day. When your WiFi goes down, your Word crashes and you need to restart an assignment, someone else if working on your laptop—all technological issues can be so infuriating that they can drive you insane.
Overall, if I had to rate my quarantine experience, I’d give it a solid 7/10. Most people I feel would give it a lower rating, but I am not doing as bad as I thought. I’m surviving, and that’s all the really
matters at this point, am I right?