Quarantine Diary Entry #2: Birdhouses and fermentation

In recent news, I have finally learned how to stress about things during quarantine. For the past week, I have been going to bed with actual things on my mind. The weird thing about this whole situation is that I cannot face my problems in person. I know they exist, but it is way harder to confront them when they are so far away from me. A month into quarantine, the distance between me and my responsibilities no longer provides comfort.

It always feels as if there is something I am missing. I have so many things to manage with my brain and computer alone. I could not even take the initiative to complete all my assignments when I had in-person guidance from my teachers. Somehow, I am expected to be just as responsible when it is all up to me. Life is so unfair right now.

My hobbies keep me sane during the day. If I am not struggling to manage a virtual tornado of schoolwork, I am probably building something out of wood. Right now, my crafting resume includes a rock shelf, chicken coop and a bird house. Even though my dad would not let me cut the actual wood, for fear of an untimely hospital visit, the staining and assembling of the pieces was all up to me.

In my most recent project, I underestimated the intelligence of the birds I sought to house. When assembling the finished product, I neglected to cover up the cleaning holes in the back, as I was anxious to see what it would look like in my yard. However, ten minutes after I put the bird house up for decorative purposes, a pair of blue jays scouted out the homes. As soon as they saw the cleaning holes, they flew off. This left me devastated. Though I hastily covered the holes, it was too late. Those birds still have not come around, and neither have their bird friends.

On a more positive note, I recently created my best batch of kombucha to date. I have also become somewhat of an expert on fermentation during my days in quarantine. Thanks to YouTube, I would be able to create so many fermented beverages and foods if I only had access to the ingredients. Unfortunately, my parents are unwilling to buy pineapples for me to put in a gallon jar in my closet for three days.

I keep reassuring myself that this will end at some point. I just want people to stay home and build stuff and watch YouTube like I do. I lost prom, graduation, and the remainder of my senior year. I just hope people will stop being selfish so that I do not have to lose my sanity too.