Should people keep supporting Amazon?


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash.

Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest person because many people love using his efficient invention. They open Amazon, search for what they need and two days later, it’s delivered right to the front porch. Despite Amazon’s simplicity, should people really be supporting the fast and adequate service? 

Honestly, Amazon is the best. It’s dependable, the products are great and the prices beat most stores. The shipping is insane because prime members can receive their packages in two days or sometimes that same day. Along with that, Amazon offers a wide selection of products which makes it easy for buyers to shop. 

However, this causes problems for many stores that are trying to compete with Amazon’s business. With many people relying on Amazon, this reduces the number of shoppers that buy from other retailers such as GameStop, ToysRUsWinn Dixie, etc. With not enough profit, these stores would close which results in more people depending on Amazon for their goods. Currently Amazon is an oligopoly, however there’s a possibility that the company will become a monopoly which would be atrocious for the economy. Since all stores would be closed, products would only be available from Amazon. Due to the demand for supplies, the prices would raise and there wouldn’t be a cheaper store to buy from. Everyone wouldepend on Amazon for their everyday needs and wants.  

In order to not let Amazon become powerful enough to buy out the other stores, we all can take small steps when purchasing products. When buying groceries, go to the grocery store. When buying clothes, go to the mall or your favorite stores. When buying furniture, go to a furniture store. Or another option could be to split up the purchases. Buy some items from the smaller companies and buy the rest on Amazon.  

If everyone follows these small steps, we can ensure we will still have other stores to compare items and prices without solely having to rely on Amazon.