The USWNT deserves equal pay

The US Women’s National Team won their 4th World Cup on July 7. This is their second Consecutive championship beating Netherlands 2-0. Through all the noise and commotion, the crowds roared in unison chanting, “EQUAL PAY!” “EQUAL PAY!” “EQUAL PAY!” The US Women’s Team has put in so much effort and time pushing themselves to do their best. Even with all of their success they are still payed almost 4 times less than the US Men’s Team. Which is unfair they deserve more than what they are given.
According to the Morning Consult, “On average these female athletes earn a maximum of $99,000 a year, while the male athletes would earn an average of $263,320 a year.” National Geographic talks about,” FIFA not contributing prize money to the Women’s World Cup until 1991. At that point women athletes were making at least $10 a day.”
Issued in the Morning Consult that, “The prize money FIFA has contributed to the Men’s World Cup is $400 million. Which seems oh so generous given the fact that FIFA has only given $30 million to the Women’s World Cup. To divide amongst 23 players of the US Women’s Team.” This gives them a little over one-tenth of a million dollars each. This is completely unreasonable since the US Men’s Team didn’t even qualify for the World Cup in 2018. On a positive note people and corporations are taking notice to the pay gap between sexes. Fox Business news station explains, that “Secret Deodorant announced on Sunday, July, 14th it’s donating $529,000 to the US Women’s Soccer Team.”
This is a big step towards equal pay for women. Secret Deodorant is the first USWNT sponsor to publicly support the 4-time Women’s World Cup champion’s fight for equal pay. Secret donated precisely $529,000 to give each of the 23 players on the US Women’s Soccer Team $23,000 extra, of prize money. The New York Times stated that the US Women’s Soccer Team, “MADE HISTORY. BUT THEY ALWAYS DESERVED EQUAL PAY.” This proves that even though we live in a modern time woman are still looked upon as unequal.
The USWNT has fought for more pay and equal rights. The Fox Business News Station discusses, that” In March, 2016, 28 members of the team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S Soccer Federation (USSF).” Now that the Women’s Team has won the world cup it pleases me that they are using their victory to take on the pay gap issue. Katherine Lam from Fox Business also states,” Inequality is more than pay and players; it’s about values.” This means taking initiative to make the issue know and showing the world how important it is. The US Women’s Team is not fighting just for their pay and equality, they are fighting for equal pay for all women.