The black gate should not be locked

Within the last two years, the gate that opens to allow kids to get in and out from the bus ramp and senior lot, also known as the “back gate” remains locked even when school just starts.

I understand that we need to keep the gate locked for security reasons, but locking this gate also means that anyone who parks in the senior lot cannot get into the school. Coming into school late is not good, but it sometimes is necessary.

For instance, If a student has a doctor’s appointment or just has to be late for a good reason.

The only way to get into the school after the day has started is the door on Wilder, which is almost on the opposite side of the school.

This leads students who park in the senior lot to waste more time standing at the gate hoping for another student would be leaving campus to open the gate.

As a result, students waste class time waiting for another student to leave campus and let them in.

Because the gate is locked, students can skip school, but not even be able to get back in.

Could this put in a student’s mind that they shouldn’t even bother coming back when they skip because the gate would be locked?

While I don’t personally know a fix for this issue, something needs to be fixed about locking the gates.