The government needs to protect the environment

Under our current state government, there is very little enforcement of environmental protection laws and no prosecution of the many individuals and corporate polluters in Florida.
Not only are laws not being enforced, but our government has degraded our environmental protection system by shutting down water quality monitoring offices and quite a few other programs in place to protect the planet. Florida’s leaders have allowed businesses to control what happens to the environment by approving business’ requests to take advantage of our Earth for money.
Although in the near future, Florida will be one of the most affected states by climate change, Gov. Rick Scott has continuously ignored the reality of global warming and has done nothing to help prevent it and has gone as far to even denied its existence.
Environmental protection is not just about preserving the Earth for future generations anymore. It has become about preserving the Earth for those who live on it now. We have clearly begun to see the tragic effects of climate change and pollution on our planet today.
Not only is red tide killing many of our sea creatures living off the coast of Florida, such as fish, turtles and dolphins, but it creates a horrible stench and has a bad effect on the human respiratory system if someone comes into contact with it.
Although we can agree that this is partially caused by natural causes, no one can deny its longer and longer occurrences over the past years.
Many researchers believe that the causes of these longer-lasting algae are due to increased nutrient runoff from animal agriculture, a form of pollution. Another idea is that global warming is the cause because algae grow better in warmer environments.
Stronger environmental protections are needed to prevent our beaches from becoming unsafe forever.
Make sure our government sets this in place by convincing your family or if you’re old enough, vote for candidates who will make these essential changes and at least protect our planet for a little bit longer.