Our prison system is inhumane

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It’s no secret that America’s prison system is brutal, inhumane, and downright disrespectful. Those unlucky enough to fall into the hands of our prison system- this happens to be over 25 percent of the United States population – often suffer from the negative results of mass incarceration.

But is locking up our inhabitants and subjecting them to an ongoing cycle of abuse truly going to increase their morals, values, and individuality or does our government have a hidden agenda?

Sadly, once many are put behind those bars they are robbed of freedom and dignity, often times dealing with mistreatment far beyond the extent of crimes committed.

Inhumane prison treatment ranges from unnecessary physical abuse to unwarranted labor practices.

Prisoners all across the United States planned a strike on Aug. 21 where they decided  to start an ongoing movement in favor of humane living treatments, and against labor burdened upon those incarcerated, exploitatio

Those who want to help from the outside have and are continuing with mass protests and strikes in favor of a better quality of living  for those currently locked up.

A popular example of labor exploitation on the mass incarcerated includes the recent California wildfires. According to CNBC, California is paying prisoners a dollar an hour to fight the fires. Not only are they being exposed to harsh environmental conditions, but they’re being exploited for a small sum of money in return for tedious work.

No one should have to give their basic rights up for the sake of this country and that includes even those who have betrayed the law.

Abuse in America’s penal system has been exercised vigorously since the day it was established.

Modern prison slavery has been a gateway to several other problems such as mass incarceration directly aimed at hose in low income areas and police brutality on minorities,  not to mention the influx of those being locked up due to our government’s privatized prison system.

Privatized prisons are when third parties contracted through government agencies incarcerate individuals in for-profit prisons. Privatized prisons attempt to save money by cutting back on employee training and the hiring of their staff. The government claims that the privatized prison system can save us high amounts of revenue when in fact they create an overall negative environment for those trapped inside.

Sadly, the history of our law enforcement has never truly been in favor of those whose have broken the law despite their general willingness to cooperate with the system.  We must work to understand the problem and then go forward with its fixation.

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