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Courtesy of Creative Commons

Point/Counterpoint: Was starting school on a Friday a good idea?

August 13, 2018


Starting school off on a Friday might not be the most ideal situation, but believe it or not, there are some merits. 

Summer break makes staying up till dawn and sleeping till noon both acceptable and enjoyable. But when school rolls around and the early mornings return, many have trouble readjusting.  

Starting on Friday allows students to better adjust to the schedule, especially with the new start and end times. That one day gives students a taste of what to expect and gives them time to prepare for the following week. There are many who try to prepare for the beginning of school but still end up missing or forgetting assignments or materials.  

Summer homework is meant to be done early or throughout the summer, but the reality is that most of it gets done within the last couple weeks of summer. That one-day before the weekend allows students to figure out what they need, find assignments that they may have forgotten, and even get answers to questions that they had about summer work. 

It’s better than showing up to school with some work done rather than no work done. And since it’s just the first day you have time to ask questions and ease back into the working environment. The first few days of school are always dedicated to simple tasks since both teachers and students need time to get back into a school mindset.  

It takes time to readjust, and those couple of days between the first and second day of school are perfect for it. 

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    To ensure the proper number of school days for the 2018-2019 school year, Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) decided to start the school year on Aug. 10. The earliest possible date to start school landed on Friday, but in all honesty what’s the rush? 

    Because there are 104 days of summer vacation, and Friday should have been one of them.  

    The aim was to fit in the suitable amount of days so that we could take our exams before Winter Break. A noble cause, but I’m not entirely convinced it was necessary. In the grand scheme of things does one extra day really make that much of a difference? 

    It’s not like the first few days of school are particularly groundbreaking. Turn in summer homework, sign paperwork, read the syllabus, repeat. These things are important, but they don’t really require an entire extra school day to complete.  

    To be fair, this isn’t really something that can be addressed unless someone decides to confront the school board about the sometimes foolish nature of our school calendar. I mean, do we really need days off for the Fair and the Strawberry Festival?  

    While the logic behind the first day of school is solid, it’s really the principle of it that’s faulty. Sure, you look forward to school starting for some reasons. But generally, you don’t really feel the need to jump for joy when your alarm clock goes off marking the end of your sweet, yet disastrous summer sleep schedule.  

    And let’s face it, the dread associated with that ending is much better suited for a Monday.  

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