Students: start saving for college

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Students: start saving for college

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Higher education is becoming an increasingly more competitive market. Schools that were once commonly considered safety schools have become reach schools for many.
As a college degree becomes increasingly expected in the workforce, more and more people are considering college for their post-graduate plans. More applicants means more competition to even be admitted, much less to receive a scholarship.
According to Forbes, the average student of the Class of 2016 had over $37,000 in student loan debt as of last year.
I’m not trying to say money is the only factor in choosing what school to attend if you have postsecondary plans. I’m only saying it should be considered. Success in life does not depend solely on the reputation of the college you attend.
Even state schools can be more expensive than most think. The estimated cost of attendance for one year at UF is $21,130, per the school’s financial website.
The Florida Academic Scholars Award, commonly known as the highest level of the Bright Futures Award, covers full tuition and fees, and $300 per semester for books. Although this is an amazing step towards college for many, it only covers around $7,000 per year, leaving a $14,000 gap for students to fill each year.
Whatever school you choose: you might have to apply for countless scholarships, apply to community college, or apply yourself to accepting your impending visit to Crippling Debt Mountain, and hold on for the ride. Whatever works best for you, and what you want to gain from college. As long as you remember the two golden rules of college: never take 8 a.m. classes, and take it easy on the ramen.

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