Pops in the Park

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As I sat in an uncomfortable folding chair with my lap overwhelmed with overdue AP Statistics homework in the middle of downtown’s Curtis Hixon Park, I questioned why I went to see the Florida Orchestra perform a free concert. Apparently everyone in Tampa decided to attend. There were too many people, dogs kept barking, and I was making no progress on my assignment (only one of many).
Every year my mother insists we attend Pops in the Park, and every year I go along foolishly believing I’ll be able to be productive with my homework assignments and studying while listening to live classical music. Every year I fail miserably at my goal, although not for lack of trying. There’s simply too much going on.
Some features of Pops in the Park include a free live performance of classical music, food trucks, a water fountain to run through for those young at heart, plenty of dogs, and the lighthearted feeling that summer is finally here. Normally, the concert’s finale includes a fireworks display, but the display was cancelled on Sunday because of the burn ban resulting from Florida’s inability to get its act together and rain when people actually need moisture for once.
Other features include surveyors asking any passerby who seems even remotely old enough to vote to answer a few questions, a loud train complete with a horn and crossing warnings to accompany your long walk back to where you parked at the end of the night, and of course stressed students like me trying to finish the semester without failing.
Undoubtedly, Pops in the Park is an event I think everyone should attend at least once in their life. There are so many interesting people with interesting stories, from the newly wedded couple still dressed in a tux and wedding dress to the mother and son duo who decided to play a mild game of lacrosse in the middle of the walking path. Although not the ideal location to try to retain the information necessary to pass a final or AP exam, Pops in the Park is a great place to meet new people or hang out with old friends while enjoying the live classical music.

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