Religious freedom or legal defiance- which is it?

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis. A woman with a job that is unaccustomed to attention, a political position with very little press coverage. Yet, she has managed to attract the attention of major media outlets as well as LGBT supporters and religious freedom supporters, due to the question she forces America to answer.


Davis is the woman now nationally known for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses, saying that her conscience would not allow her to, and claiming that the authority of God was what made her able to do so.


Due to the recent legalization of gay marriage, legal issues concerning religious freedom has become an important topic. Some conservatives do sincerely feel that although gay marriage may be legal, being required to aid gay marriage in any way goes against their ethical standards.


On the other hand, LGBT supporters feel that morality isn’t an issue that can override the power of the law. The Supreme Court did make gay marriage legal, and helping impede or refusing to issue gay marriage licenses or discriminate against gay couples in issues concerning marriage is just another way to defy the law.


The issue is not an easy one to solve, and Davis is not the first person to use religious freedom as a reason to disobey the law. How this situation affects the political merit of religious freedom still isn’t determined.

(Information from New York Times, Washington Post, CNN News)