Viral TikTok Trend, ‘Devious Lick’ is Causing Students to Participate in Vandalism


Bella Pease

Bathrooms on the second and third floor are closed in an attempt to stop the vandalism, but to also repair the damage that has been done. Those that are not closed have their main door open so that the bathroom can be monitored.

Within the past week, the latest trend on the app TikTok, has been causing students at schools, including Hillsborough, to participate in vandalism.  

The ‘Devious Lick’ trend has been encouraging students to steal and wreck property in the bathrooms so that they can go viral on the app. Some bathrooms are even locked due to this awful situation in an attempt to stop the vandalism. Even students who aren’t participating in this trend, are getting the consequences as well. This means students are having to travel all around the school to find at least one unlocked bathroom. This is also taking away their class time when searching for a bathroom.  

To get more information on this problem, Principal Kelly King, talks about how she feels about it and more.

“It’s disappointing to see our students do something like this and it’s also affecting those who aren’t doing it,” King said.  

To put an end to this dilemma, students need to make the right choices and decisions to make the school environment safer. King also speaks about the consequences of students’ who are participating.

“The consequences may vary depending on how bad the damage may be. Students could be suspended, transferred to another school, or we will press charges,” King said. 

Students who reveal participants or help in any other way, could receive a monetary reward from the school for their assistance.

The damage caused to the bathrooms can cost the school money and may take a while to get fixed. If all students make good decisions and follow the school rules, there will be more bathrooms available to use without the trouble of walking and finding one.