Joe Biden is announced the winner of the Presidential election

On November 7th, Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) was elected the 46th president of the United States. His Vice President, Californian Senator Kamala Harris, will be the First black and South Asian woman in office.  

However, current president Trump has continued to announce that this election was fraudulent. Trump was leading in the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia until a sudden turn around. This shift was due to count of mail-in ballots which Trump had claimed were unreliable previously.  

Prior to the election, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, predicted Trump’s actions: to announce himself president and later, when the mail-in ballots were counted, call the election unlawful. As data from previous elections show, Democrats more often used mail-in ballots while Republicans chose to vote at the polls. It was quite clear that the results of mail in votes would end up favoring Joe Biden.  

Although Senior Darius Bostick was unable to vote in this election due to age restrictions, he would have chosen to vote for Biden, his beliefs coinciding with the “Settle for Biden” campaign. He still fears that the issues of police brutality and treatment of minorities will remain unresolved under the Biden presidency. “Trump claims that he united this country as one but in reality, he strengthened the divide between the Democrats and Republicans. In the next election, I will most likely choose to vote third party because the two main parties look to benefit themselves rather than the American people,” he said. 

Another student, Sylar Netolicky (12), agrees that Trump caused a rift in the country and finds Trump to be inconsiderate of the social issues that impact America. Netolicky hopes Biden mend the gap of the country but is concerned with Biden’s future plan to tackle COVID-19. “So many small businesses were shut down during quarantine and I’m scared that having another lockdown will negatively impact so many families,” he said. “However, I hope Joe Biden can enforce a mask mandate to decrease the impacts of the virus.”