School will be online Thursday and Friday due to Hurricane Eta


Students and teachers are being asked to eLearn on Thursday, Nov.12 and Friday Nov. 13 in a similar fashion to the “Start Smart Week” in August.

Early Wednesday morning, Eta strengthened into a Category 1 Hurricane and veered towards the west coast of Florida.

This new information prompted the school district to close schools physically on Thursday, Nov.12 and Friday, Nov.13. Thursdays after school activities are canceled, however Fridays still remain as planned until further notice. 

Students and teachers are still being asked to attend school online those dates using Canvas and Zoom. 

The main reason face-to-face school is closed for the rest of the week is that several school sites in the district are being used as storm shelters for people in South Florida and West Florida who are retreating to Hillsborough County to move out of the direct track of the storm.

In an email relaying this information to parents, Superintendent Addison Davis addressed another reason the district decided to close schools. “We did not make this decision lightly as we understand this can create a hardship for our families,” he said.  “However, we must place the safety of our students and staff first and take many things into consideration that includes possible road closures, high winds, damage to school buildings, power outages and whether our schools are being used as shelters.” 

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